Counseling Readiness

Topics: Learning styles, Educational psychology, Visual learning Pages: 3 (1340 words) Published: August 23, 2014
Living in a single parent home affected my ability to perform well in school. My mother barely finished school. She was not highly educated. When I was younger and needed help with my homework, she was unable to assist me. This motivated me and made me even eager to learn. I started catching on to things really quick by listening and doing a lot of hands on activities. This is when I realized I was more of a hands on person. I went to several different grade schools and two different high schools due to unstable living arrangements. This made it even harder for me to stay focused and catch on. Every school learning style was different. Every time I became comfortable in my environment and familiar with my teachers we would relocate. This confused me and often made me angry and distracted. This hindered my ability to focus on my studies because I had a hard time adapting to so many different learning styles. Growing up, no matter what I did whether it was education or recreation I learned best by physically doing things. I always knew I was more of hands on person. I always had to reread things more than once. I was very good at understanding an assignment given to me verbally than on an actual piece of paper. After completing the Learning Style Self-Assessment, I discovered that I’m an Auditory learner than a Visual or Tactile learner. I scored 45% in the Auditory section, 35% in the Visual section and 20% in the Tactile section. I learn at my best by hearing and listening. After taking this assessment I started thinking about my learning style. When I meet people for the first I can barley remember their name, but their face sticks with me. When I read books, I have to read out loud to get a better understanding. I’ve always known that I was more of an Auditory learner.

There are so many pros about being an Auditory learner, but there are a few cons as well. After reading Dewar and Wittington (2000), I discovered that I’m an extrovert learner. The pros of...

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