Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Corrections Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Career Path in Criminal Justice
Brandi N. Thomas
Bryant & Stratton College
CRJU 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Mrs. Anderson
March 7, 2013


This paper is about which career path interest me the most in the criminal justice field. When I first thought about this question I was interested in paroling now I’m interested in criminal counselor. This career path interests me for so many reasons. I would love to counsel criminals and help them through their time of need. Most people give up on criminals after convicted of a crime. Which I don’t think is fair at all because this is the time they need guidance the most. In this paper we will discuss the requirements for this career path such as education and experience. We will also discuss what criminal counselors really do and how they affect the criminal justice system. You will also learn about the different roles criminal counselor takes on other than their role and how it affects the criminals. This paper will also teach you what is expected from the criminal counselor in their line of work. This paper will inform you about everything you needed to know about a criminal counselor if you wanted to pursue this career path.

This paper will be discussing the criminal justice career path I would like to pursue. The career I would like to pursue is a criminal counselor. Years ago when I started attending college I had no clue of what I wanted to do in this field. At first I thought I wanted to be a parole officer. As the years went on I realized I love to help people by counseling them as well as knowing how the mind works. I’m also interested in knowing why criminal committed certain crimes they have committed. I began to do some research and finally realized being a criminal counselor is everything I want to do and more. I will discuss the educational requirements as well as experience. I will also discuss the salary of this career path and exactly what a criminal counselor really do....
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