Critical Review of Baden Eunson´S Communication in the 21st Century

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Communication Pages: 3 (556 words) Published: March 12, 2011
“Critical review of Baden Eunson´s Communication in the 21st century Chapter 16: Intercultural communication”

Submitted: 15 September 2010

A critical review of Eunson, B 2008, ‘Intercultural communication’, Chapter 16 in Communicating in the 21st century, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Brisbane, pp. 509–49. The nation-states are becoming more multicultural. The interaction between people of diverse cultures, which can be very different, affects the society as well as the workplaces. Eunson tries to show how intercultural communication occurs and what is important to consider in interaction with people from other cultures.

On the example of negotiation Eunson outlines how communication can be influenced by moral barriers or the way how different cultures build relationships.

By presenting different definitions of the term culture and by illustrating the general process of acculturation along Bennett´s developmental model of intercultural sensitivity, Enuson affirms that interaction with people of different cultures results in an increase of intercultural sensitivity and the ability of intercultural competence. He underlines this opinion by presenting the pyramid model of intercultural competence by Deardorff. To explain acculturation processes he seizes on the suggestion of Berry, who define different dimensions of cultural variation.

Eunson attempts to illustrate the diversity in verbal and non-verbal communication of the different cultures along the Hofstede´s model of culture, the “GLOBE” model developed by House and the “Context” model of Hull. Despite the justified criticism on those models, he asserts that such theories are able to support the understanding of cultures, their kind of communication and to make cultures comparable.

In the context of that criticism he recommends to consider that not all people behave typically equal and therefore, generalization about particular communication characteristics should be done with care. Moreover...
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