Critique on John Holt's Artitlce , " Right to Ones Own Learning"

Topics: Education, Homeschooling, Alternative education Pages: 6 (2343 words) Published: May 13, 2013
" The Right to one's learning"
John Holt (1923-1985) was a renowned teacher and a controversial educational figure who advocated the school reform. His analysis on the concept of homeschooling from various perspectives provides a deeper insight on the beneficial aspects of this idea. It was because of the persuading appeal of his work that it became one of the forces behind the homeschooling movements of 70's and 80's. After graduating from his university he served the US Navy for 3 years and after concluding his duty tour he became a part of the UWF( United World Federalists). Starting from the mailroom, he was able to set his mark at the executive director post after 6 years but resigned because of the ineffectiveness of the company. It was after this history when he was constantly urged by his sister to put his efforts into teaching. Being surrounded by hundreds of young minds, he was able to analyze the bugs in the universal education system that eats up the potential of the students. Holts' exceptional works , Escape from childhood: The needs and rights of children, How children learn and How children fail, were a reflection of his rigid belief in the idea of homeschooling. His article in the Nature Child Project emulates the same believes. In his article John Holt has been able to persuade the readers about the beneficial aspects of the concept of homeschooling while giving a detailed evaluation of the constitutional flaws of the universal education system and the necessary role of the parents in enhancing the potential of their kid. However the writer loses the interest of the readers with his biased opinion on the structure of the universal education system where he has tried to persuade the audience with an emotional impact instead of presenting a logical reasoning to support his claims, makes the audience question the credibility of the text. The compulsory universal education system in the constitution does not only breakdown the developing potential of the kids but also takes away their right of curiosity factor which gives them the freedom to learn and explore. Giving full liberty of choice does not mean that the parent's opinion loses its worth, but, their efforts should be to provide an organized pathway to their kids so that they can lead the way with their own choices with a better perspective. Further he sheds light on the structure of the education system which exploits the ethical and emotional values of everyone involved. The necessity of performing to survive amongst the immense competition leads to each person, whether the student or the authority itself, dragging down others to get at the top. The writer carries a persuasive approach to attract and convince the audience, portraying an advantageous image of homeschooling. With his constant attack on the universal education methodology from fundamental perspective and his comments on the immoral viruses induced in the students by the structure of this education system, he is trying to highlight the audience with the necessity of homeschooling. An idea which carries a more widened approach towards learning and boosting the potential skills of the students, keeping them safe of the social isolation and the unethical morals on which the universal education system works. Highlighting the concept of universal education and the issues concerned to it, the writer has narrowed down the subject to those countries which works on this system. Though his approach to highlight the psychological aspect and the issue concerned to the development of social and ethical practices of a student are shared by all. So whilst keeping under discussion the bugs of the American Universal Education system, he has broadened the discussion to a globalised audience and highlighted the issues faced by all encompassing. Holt has given an organized structure to the content of the text. Starting with an explanation of the subject...

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