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I will recommend to Swiss Foods to follow some recommendations so that they can benefit from their takeover.
First of all, i will recommend you to launch a campaign to help local people and workers get to know you company better to show them that they don’t have to be affraid from us. We will tell them that we like the fact that they have a strong links with the local community we see that as a strenght that we can use and it is also one of our values. It will also gives us an opportunity to talk directly with the employees and local people who are against this takeover to reassure them and to explain why they don’t have to be affraid from us. We will talk about our values and why we try to bought this traditional UK company. It gives us a first contact with everybody and give us the first feedback. Secondly i will recommend to begin to use the brand names in our international product range. We know that Birch Confectionery has popular brand names that is also one of the many reason we have bought them , it is a new opportunity to expand and to promote this new takeover internationally.

After that i will recommend to make sure local managers have as mush contact as possible with your head office to maintain good communications between us and to make sure our strategy is understood and applied because if it is not the case the takeover will failed and we will loose money.

In this strategy i will recommend to wait at least three years before make any major changes, it will give time to employees and everybody to get used to this takeover and after that if things going bad we will make some changes but meanwhile the takeover will succed.

An other recommendation will be to invest large amounts in updating the production processes after the three years we wait before make any changes we know that BC have old production plant and it is a weakness but if...
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