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Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Culture, Intercultural competence Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 9, 2015
Question 1: Elaborate on three of the cross cultural communication principles and give concrete examples for it of them. Cross cultural communication is a studying of how to look at people from differing cultural backgrounds communicate (for example, national, ethics, religious, etc), resulting from a common language and communication style, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values, in similar and different ways among themselves and how they endeavour to communicate cross the cultural. Cross cultural communication has seven principles. All of them help us to understand more information about cultures so that we can communicate easier. Each of these principles is important but I just list some of them to analyze. The first principle I want to introduce is cultural differences. There are no absolute “rights” and “wrongs” in cross cultural communication. What is appropriate in one culture may be inappropriate in another culture. When you are traveling around the word, you have to understand their cultures so that you won’t make mistakes in communication. In many countries, especially Asian, the sign of thump up signify the meaning of “everything is ok!”. However you will become a impolite person when you use this gesture in Brazil. Cultural differences also appears in daily activities. In India, you must not use your left hand to eat because you use it in toilet and in many countries, we can use both of our hands to eat somethings. This is a difference in each culture. The second thing is about one culture’s values and behavior. We always have to keep in mind two levels of observation: the first is all cultures have values and ideals that their member say are true. In some Western countries, especially in Christianism countries, all of the saying of Parish Priest are true and Christian believers always trust him. This is one of values in Christianism. The second one is that people’s behavior may not always reflect those values. For example, in Vietnam, an going says...
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