Cross Cultural Communication

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, 1976, Case study Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 23, 2013
BBA – Junior Level

General Instructions:
1. This is an individual case study that will test your abilities to develop coherent lines of arguments and suggest solutions to cross-cultural practices using contemporary management practices and to analyze your own culture and cultural differences in general by learning how to recognize and co-operate with these in a business context. 2. Read the case study below and comprehend it thoroughly.

Case Study: Who Made A Serious Mistake?

Jean Safari was investigating a serious error made by a Japanese worker at the Japanese subsidiary of a US multinational. A component had been inserted upside down, and the entire batch has been pulled out of production to be reworked. The cost of this event was high.

Jean asked the Japanese plant director for information about the employee who had made the error. Had she been identified? What action was taken against her? She was amazed when the director claimed not to know. “The whole work group has accepted responsibility,” he told her. “As to the specific woman responsible, they have not told me, nor did I ask. Even the floor supervisor does not know, and if he did, he would not tell me either.”

But if everyone is responsible, then in effect no one is, Jean argued. They are simply protecting each other’s bad work.
“This is not how we see it,” she was told. The plant manager was polite but firm. “I understand that the woman concerned was so upset that she went home. She tried to resign. Two of her coworkers had to coax her back again. The group knows she was responsible, and she feels ashamed. The group is also aware that she is new and that they did not help her enough, or look out for her, or see to it that she was properly trained. This is why the whole group has apologized. I have their letter here. They are willing to apologize to you publicly.

“No, no. I don’t want that,” said Jean. “I want to stop it from happening...
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