Cross Cultural Communication and Associated Problems: The Barbecue Case Study

Topics: Corporation, Cross-cultural communication, Multinational corporation Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: April 17, 2012
CASE-ANALYSIS “The barbecue”
Made by Uskova Viktoria (gr.2305)
I. Summary.
Koji Fukhara has just gotten a higher position in big multinational company. He arranges an informal Sunday party and invites all team so that combine their multinational. II. The problem.
Koji Fukuhara faces serious difficulties in finding lingua franca of company’s multinational team. III. Cast of characters.
* Koji Fukuhara. Works for a multinational company as a managing director of the company’s Spanish subsidiary. Always holds a Sunday barbecue party. Has an international marriage with British wife Judith; * Etienne Briand, 29 years old, French, middle manager in Spanish Office. Is not fond of his colleague Alan McDyre. A little bit arrogant. * Alan McDyre, 32 years old, American, middle manager. Has just came from L.A. office. Concerning Alan’s character, very open persond and simple in behaving. * Judith Fukuhara, Koji Fukuhara’s wife. British. Follows her husband. Institutions:

* Multinational Company with many subsidiaries all over the world. IV. Chronology.
1) Mr. Fukuhara was appointed as director of Spanish subsidiary. 2) Mr. Fukuhara arranges the Barbecue and invites all team. 3) Everyone comes to the party.
4) Alan McDyre cames too late.
5) Mr. Fukuhara, Etienne Briand and some other colleagues discuss new project. 6) Alan McDyre interrupts them and proposes to bring drinks from the fridge. 7) Everyone stops talking and stares at Alan.

8) Mr. Fukuhara is about to say something.
V. Issues.
1) Outside issues:
* Cross-cultural communication and associated problems; * Difficult multinational companies’ situation that need thought-out policy to provide comfortable atmosphere at the workplace for all international employees. 2) Inside issues.

* It is Mr. Fukuhara’s huge role in mixing socially colleges with each other and to avoid misunderstandings; * Problems concerning...
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