Cross Cultural Communication Issues in International Business

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Intercultural competence Pages: 14 (5066 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Cross Cultural Communication Issues in International Business

Executive Summary

Aims and Objectives
A research is not just the study of facts and figures; it is rather a systematic investigation of facts to answer various questions that has been unanswered. It is a systematic quest to identify unexplored areas and answer unanswered questions with supporting evidences and facts (Goddard & Melville, 2006). Research is also a never-ending process; one research leads to another one. There are many steps to complete a research successfully. These steps are necessary to systematically plan and execute different processes associated with researches. First step in the research process is to identify the research area and problem. In this case, the research area is international business environment, and the research problem is the impact of culture in international business. Next process is setting the research question. This research focuses on the impact of culture in the cross-cultural communication in international business, as it is believed as one of the most important elements that decides the success or failure of international businesses. Aims

Several research aims are set based on the research problem and question. Main aims of this research are to: * Understand the reasons for international business failures in relation with culture * Critically examine the impact of culture on international business and business communication * Evidentially examine the key features of cross-cultural communication in international business communication with the help of different cases * Identifying and examining the relationship between existing cultural theories and issues in international business communications * Critically analyse various theories of culture and international business performance * Analyse various problems caused by cultural incompatibilities in international business Objectives

Major objectives of these studies are given bellow.
* Gain understanding about the impact of culture on international business * Understand how multinational and international businesses operate in critical cross-cultural environment * Gain knowledge on various theories and their relevance in international cross-cultural environment Introduction

A wrong communication or greeting can result in a wrong impression when it comes to business communications. Business relations all over the world are being suffered from many incompatibilities including culture and language. As the success of any international ventures depend heavily on the communication between strategic partners, different departments, employees and employers; hence, communication is crucial in international business relations. Therefore, this report is aimed to draw facts on the impact of culture on international business communication, as it is one of the deciding factors of the success of international business relationships. Companies all over the world are going multinational since globalisation has resulted in a worldwide reform of economies and markets. These reforms have the ability to open their national markets to international businesses and corporations to invest and run business in alien markets. Most of the companies have been exploiting these opportunities, but only few have succeeded in this. Companies have various ways and methods to enter into a foreign market. These methods include mergers, strategic alliances, subsidiaries and such. Regardless of the method the company chose, they come across cultural incompatibilities when they engage in such businesses. For example, if an American company engage in a joint venture with a Chinese company, they share technology, business processes, employees and many other resources. Out of these resources, human resources are the most critical resource, since they depend on various other factors, while other processes in an organisation depend on human resources of a company....
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