Cross Cultural Conflict in Organisations

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Cultural studies, Culture Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Executive Summary

The purpose of this presentation is to identify the problems faced by Western managers telling eastern managers that improvement in their business is needed. The case which the presentation is based on is about cross-cultural management and organisational strategy and improvement.

A delegate of an Australian consulting firm is given the task of heading up a pilot study in the organisations Taiwanese and Indian offices with the aim of identifying the reasons for their slow market growth and offering recommendations as to how to improve their performance.

The presentation on the case focuses on questions one and two of the designated case study questions. The first question asks the writer to identify where the delegate consultant “went wrong” and to suggest ways to correct and improve on his mistakes and approach. The second question relates directly to the Taiwanese practice in that it asks the writer to identify the “reasons why” members of the Taiwanese practices reacted to the pilot project the way they did.

In addressing the above designated questions a review of the case study and relevant literature was conducted. Further references were made to the course textbook and both the writers prior knowledge of culture and cultural differences.

In response to the assigned questions a review of Hofstedes cultural dimensions is used to give the audience an understanding of the various cultural differences that exist between the relevant countries, those being Australia and Taiwan. A discussion of the concept of loss of face is given alongside an outline of Trompenaars ‘achievement vs description’ dimension of cultural difference. A discussion exploring the impact of religion on culture and doing business in Confucius countries like that of Taiwan outlined along with a. The impact of building and maintaining relationships, the importance of gift giving and issues of communication are also touched on. Finally analysis is given in...
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