Cross Cultural Experience

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Natural gas Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Student: Walid ABRAZ
Date: 08/15/2011

IEP Weekly Paragraph
Write a paragraph about a specific topic, using your own ideas or taking a title from the back of this page. Below, write the new language you will practice. These new words, phrases, and grammar points can come from class or your own reading. Please feel free to type this up instead of writing on this sheet. New vocabulary words I will use * To depict * Blubbering * To forge * Come out, get out (phrasal verbs) * Foregoing * To be thrilled * Compatriots * Henceforth * Multidisciplinary| New grammar points I will use 1. Counterfactual: If I had more free time, I would travel to Nigeria to see her again… 2. Speculation: The Liquefied Natural Gas industry must undoubtedly be the most significant cross-cultural experience I’ve been faced with… 3. Transition words: Moreover, Furthermore, In other context, Despite, Unfortunately, Henceforth, In retrospect… 4. Adverb clause: As long as, by the time… 5. Idioms: Damn|

My memorable Cross-Cultural Experiences
I have always valued the learning of other languages and peoples’ cultures. As a Communications Executive who was working for an Oil & Gas company, I have always been in permanent contact with clients and partners. Also, all the events I attended, and business trips I made, allowed me to expand my international experience professionally and personally. Regarding my professional position and my field of activity, I had the chance to live strong and several intercultural experiences. Indeed, international fairs and exhibitions are in my opinion an excellent means of intercultural communication with players of varied backgrounds and different cultures. Among these prestigious events, the International Oil Exhibition I attended in November 2007 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) was a great opportunity to exercise my skills of marketer. During this event, many were my cross-cultural experiences, not only because of my constant...
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