Cross-Cultural Human Resources Management

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Cross-Cultural Human Resources Management
Abstract: As human resources management and organizational culture are closely related, it is very meaningful to study human resource management from the cultural and cross-cultural perspective. Effective management of cross cultural human resources is the guarantee of Chinese enterprises running successfully under cross cultural background and region. The article concerns that the following aspects should be understanding of the cross-cultural human resources management. Key words: cross-cultural human resources management capability 1 Introduction

Now the world is experiencing the unprecedented political reorganization and the international economy order which changes day by day. This indicates that a new era of international economy will arrive. Some material shows that speaking of America, its export amount is estimated to increase more than 70%. The proportion of this increase is more than two times higher than that of any part of America's GNP. At present, China's transnational management has expand from light- dry- goods, electrical appliances, chemical industry and machine manufacture to petroleum drilling, electronics, daily use articles and so on in every way of development. Thousands of enterprises are built overseas. The main form includes:

The transnational establishment of subsidiary company, e.g. Haiers technical garden with it's headquarters in America is much bigger than that in China. ②
The transnational annexation and purchase of subsidiary company, e.g. Lenovo has annexed IBM and PC service. ③ Transnational establishment of joint venture, e.g. In the 1980's----the initial period of the open-up and reform, China has joint capital enterprises cooperated with Japanese Huipu, Songxia and so on. This kind of massive joint venture is also transnational management for them. It is the very problem for Chinese managers. So cross-cultural human resources management is very important both internationally and in China where the opening-up and reform has been under operation for 30 years. Nowadays, many people approves this opinion. The real organization of human resource management is organizational culture and its reformation and management. Culture is closely related to organizational strategy, structure and intention. It influences staff's notice of job selection, evaluation training, reward and so on. Cultural melting and reforming are a time-needed and high-cost course. Enterprises all over the world, especially the Chinese enterprises have never been facing such great challenges and opportunities as in this contemporary age that the original advantages are losing their edges with the gradual market opening and diversification today, like the advantages of successful monopoly, scale, technique and capital. Market diversification and internationalization are new challenges faced by enterprises while the new competitions are the ones between cultures and humans basing on the international rules of entire market. For many enterprises, the cultural differences of different markets often trouble the decision-making and its implementations of overseas business. It does not necessarily guarantee the access to the desire business results even if the enterprises’ decision of doing business overseas is correct. How to choose the right employees to serve overseas for the company headquarters? How to effectively communicate with the local staffs and implement business decisions for the managers sent to abroad? How to use the third-party resources to ease and even eliminate internal conflicts caused by different cultures in the course of overseas operations? All these problems are the challenges that business enterprises must face. 2.Text

According to "Modern Chinese Dictionary", culture refers to the totality of material and spiritual wealth which are created by human in the society historical development. This is a broad definition, and there is also a narrow definition of...
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