Cross Cultural Issues Between China and Usa

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Tourism and hospitality industry is a large industry where cross cultural incidents are always an issue. A comparative study between Chinese and American culture will be made in social and business context followed by a theoretical approach using cultural dimensions to explain the differences among the cultures. The results will be used to suggest and recommend methods to overcome cultural conflicts and tensions

3.0Cultural awareness for tourism and hospitality4
4.0 Background on China and United States of America6
5.0Difference in social behaviour: Chinese and American Culture7
6.0Difference in business behaviour: Chinese and American Culture10
7.0Impacts on tourism and hospitality industry12

1.0 Background

The evolution of mankind since prehistoric ages has led to the diversity of people and how people live their lives in the 21st century. The existence of different human race and different environment is the reason why people are so different from one another. Their external environments mould them into what they have become as of today. The ongoing development and recollection of customs which a community conditions themselves into their lives and passing on to the next generation is culture. Culture is whereby a community, regardless of its size shares a way of life where they are associated together with common and distinctive characteristics, beliefs and activities (THE 101 PowerPoint Lecture 2 2011). On the other hand, Hofstede defined culture as the “collective mental programming of the human spirit that allows us to distinguish the members of one category in comparison with the members of another category” (Hofstede 2011). The basic element which makes up culture are such as history, religion, values, social organizations and language (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel 2008). The mentioned elements are portrayed by means of language, food, buildings, houses, monuments, agriculture, shrines, market, fashions and art (Trompenaars 1997) The presence of massive amount of different culture suggests for the need of the study of cross cultural communications in order to understand and overcome cultural differences. The socialization of people is different and their perceptions are not necessarily in synch, therefore it is inevitable that there will be misinterpretation of other’s culture and behaviour (Cushner & Brislin 1996). With the developments of new technology and information systems, the evolving populations and the rapid movement toward a global economy, “no nation, group, or culture can remain aloof or autonomous.” (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel 2008).


The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is expanding rapidly. The nature of this industry is considered to be one of the industries that has a direct relationship with cross cultural issues. This is because tourism and hospitality business involves the interaction of variety of people from different background where incidents of culture shock or misinterpretation of behaviours will happen. Cross cultural issue is an incident where two or more people of different culture meet, interact and results in a conflict of a certain degree. In order to avoid, resolve or improve the conflict, once has to anticipate and adapt to cultural differences by understanding them. Only then, it would be profitable to the whole business and reputation of a certain establishment. The world’s economic power house: China and United States of America. The mentioned countries are two of the most influential nations which have the ability to change the world. China has a very distinctive culture as they are one of the oldest civilisations compared to USA which is one of the youngest civilizations which promotes multiculturalism. China and USA were chosen as the main subject of...

References: 4.0 Background on China and United States of America
China or known as People’s Republic of China is a huge nation located in mid Asia with a staggering population of 1.2 billion which accounts for 20% of the earth’s population (Fitzgerald, 2002)
Figure 1 Difference in cultural dimensions between China and United States of America (ITIM 2009)
Figure 1 Difference in cultural dimensions between China and United States of America (ITIM 2009)
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