Cross Cultural Issues in Hrd and Its Management

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Intercultural competence, The Culture Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Cross cultural differences, can negatively impact upon a relocation assignment and the employee motivation if not properly managed. The various cross cultural issues in HRD are as-

1.Coping with cultural differences and recognizing how and when these differences are relevant is a constant challenge for expatriates. 2.Expatriates need to learn the cultural practices of the new nation o operate in a new environment which requires- cultural empathy, adaptability, diplomacy, language ability, positive attitude, emotional stability and maturity. 3.The host country is an important determinant. Some regions and countries are considered ‘hardship postings’-remote area away from major cities or modern facilities etc. 4.Cross cultural differences can have a remarkable impact on the performance of the employee is he/she is not able to adjust or understand the new environment working conditions or mindsets. 5.A manager/executive may find it hard to communicate or gel with their new colleagues. Negativity starts to creep in, motivation and patience are lost and the work environment becomes one tainted with stress and pressure. 6.In addition, if the spouse or family is having a difficult time adjusting to the new culture the pressure increases. If proper training is not administered to coach the employee and/or the family the whole experience can turn sour leading to failure. This in turn costs the company money, results in a demotivated workforce in the foreign location and possibly damaged relationships with clients or customers.

These cross cultural issues can be resolved by Cross cultural training

Cross cultural training can and does reduce the chances of expatriate relocations going wrong. Employees need to realize the importance of intercultural understanding and its potential impact upon relocations.

Cultural training aids the employee and family to better approach and deal with the relocation, ensuring that the negative consequences of 'culture...
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