Cross Cultural Management: a Perspective in China

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Cross Cultural Management: A Perspective in China

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Cross Cultural Management2
A significant amount of research that has been conducted in reference to cross-cultural issues in China. It shows the current practices on cross-cultural management in Chinese organizations; and then identifies future research needs on cross-cultural management in China. Empirical studies on cross-cultural management in China have been conducted since the 1990s, and numerous empirical studies have been done in the past two decades across different level of constructs and practices (individual, group and organization). Among all the intercultural research concerning China, there are mainly two common types: the first type focuses on foreign managers and employees, center on their adjustment and performance in Chinese culture; and the second type of study examines Chinese who work with these foreigners in the multinational management setting (Dong & Lui, 2010, p. 223).

Cross Cultural Management3Globalization is changing behavior, team composition and team dynamics in the workplace. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeing the entirety of the world as a source of business opportunities and one interconnected economy. Organizations that remain domestic-only are already falling behind their multinational competitor counterparts. With the progressive globalization of the workforce, businesses are more and more finding themselves working more often with culturally diverse employees and business partners, an experience that has proven to be rewarding and yet challenging (Dong & Lui, 2010, p. 224). In fact, the impact of cultural diversity on team productivity and organizational culture is not clear and yet doing so is becoming more the norm than it...

References: Dong, K., Lui, Y. (2010). Cross Cultural Management in China. Cross Cultural Management. 17(3); p. 223-243. Retrieved from:
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