Cross-Cultural Stereotypes and Communication

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Communication Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: August 21, 2011
Cross-Cultural Stereotypes and Communication
Wendy Kinsey
Kaplan University

CJ 246 (section-01)
Stacie Haen-Darden
July 28, 2011

Scenario 1: Asian/Pacific American Using Coining to Heal
Seng Chang and Kaying Lor had the couple’s Children taken on April 30 when some employee’s At Sherman Elementary School noticed marks on the children’s bodies. After the family had been in court on Monday, the couple been notified that there would be no charges and they would receive their children back in their home. In this scenario, the parents thought to be abusing the children taken because of an employee of the school. The parents labeled as abusive and harmful to their children because of the marks seen on the children’s bodies that came from a cultural practice. Many people do not understand other cultures beliefs and think it is wrong because it is different from their belief. Coining begins with a massage using warm oil, which mixed with warming essential oils. A coin repeatedly rubbed against an area of the skin in long flowing movements that always move away from the heart. The blood begins coming to the surface of the skin and will cause a bruise on the skin. Coining believed to be design to bring balance to the body (Wise Geek, 2003-2011). Scenario 2: African American in Upper Class Suburban

A 19-year-old African American living in the upper – middle class suburb in Fremont, California, reported he was continually stopped and questioned, in four separate times in two weeks, by different officers. The officer saw the African American jogging and stopped him to ask where he lives. The officer asked if the young boy could prove he lived in the house on the hill and asked for his I.D. On another occasion when the young man was jogging, he been stopped for his shoe’s he was wearing. Due to his color, officers may have believed he did not belong is this neighborhood. This is due to cultural beliefs and stereotyping of individuals....
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