Cross Cultural Understanding

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Cross-Cultural Understanding
There are many various culture in the world, each country has different culture. It can be different in, communication, behaviour, habits, etc. actually, the differences of culture not only happen in a different country, in a country it can be. The differences of cultures happens when people come to new place, to communicate, to visit, or to live overseas. With the various purpose, such as, vacation or holiday, study, business, or work. This differences of culture will arise problems when people first time had it. In order to solve this problems people should have a strategy. The one solution in through cross-cultural understanding. “All human beings experience the same felling, plus they travel to or live in a different country or culture. (Obeg, 1998)”, “Whenever someone goes overseas, he is like a fish out of water. (Mason, 2000)”. So cross-cultural understanding is the way to understand the different culture of different country to avoid misunderstanding. Through this subject people learn to interact effectively with people from other culture (local culture). This subject discuss everything related to how succeed in interacting effectively with people from different culture. It is important for people to learn cross-cultural understanding in order to make them ready when meet people from different culture. Cross-cultural understanding make relationship among different culture. It is also discuss how to make communication with the owner of native language. When people come to new place which have never visited before, they probably will had a culture shock. It means that people in uncomfortable situation which caused by different climate, unavailable things, the loss of routines, unfamiliar face, etc which begin from culture incidents. Culture incidents which are the matter of different perspectives often make one feel offended, annoyed, irritated, or confused, or even break relationship. There are two types culture incidents,...
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