Cross Management

Topics: Business school, Globalization, Culture Pages: 3 (509 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Cross-Cultural Management, ORGB 380
Winter 2013
Weekly Readings
Prof Chantal Westgate

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management
1. CP Thomas, D.C. “Describing Culture: What it is and where it comes from, “ Ch.2, Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts, 2008, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Understanding Cultural Differences for the Global Workplace

2. CP Guirdham, Maureen. “Cultural Differences at Work,” Ch.2, Communicating Across Cultures, 3rd edition 2011 Palgrave MacMillan.

3. CP Thomas, D.C. “How Culture Works,” Ch.4, Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts, 2008, Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage

4. Class Hand-Out Cushener, K. “Examining stereotypes Held by Self and Others” and “Learning About” others in Diversity In Action, 2nd., 2003, McGraw Hill

5. my course Graham, John L; Lam Mark N. The Chinese Negotiation. Harvard Business Review on Point Article. Product 5100.

6. Access Card Grainger, Stephen. Roaring Dragon Hotel. Richard Ivey School of Business. 908M04. February 2008.

The Global Mindset

7. my course Earley, Christopher R ; Mosakowski, Elaine. “Cultural Intelligence,” Harvard Business Review, October 2004. Vol 82 Issue 10, pp 139-146.

8. CP Adler Nancy; Gunderson Allison. “Creating Cultural Synergy,” Ch.4, International Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour. 5th edition, 2008, Thomson South-Western. pp. 99-125.

9. Access card David, J. and Maamoun, A. (2008), “Toivonen Paper in the US: Human Resource Implications of Foreign Corporate Ownership,” Ivey Case # 9B08C019, Ivey Management Practices.

10. My course Alon Ilan; Higgins James M. “Global Leadership Success Through Emotional and Cultural Intelligences”. Business Horizons (2005) 48, 501-512.

11. Access card Nohria Nitin. From Regional Star to Global Leader. Harvard Business Review. January 2009

Roles of the Global Manager – Competency Across Cultures

12. my course Thomas, D.C. and...
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