Cttls Planning and Enabling Learning

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Assessment Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTTLS) (7304) Assignment 1
Planning and Enabling Learning
In this assignment I will be looking at how to negotiate with my learners and how to do this ensuring that each learner reaches their goal. I will also be looking at how to include my learners in their sessions as well as integrating the functional skills into their subject area, what are the communication techniques used and the possible barriers. Negotiating with Learners

As with all students the learner should have a willingness to learn, however in order to assess my learners needs I must look at their knowledge of the subject, determine their goals and how they will achieve those goals. It is my duty to ensure that the individual is on the right course. In this case it is often better to have an “Initial Assessment” which (shown in the diagram attached and comes from delni government uk website) usually comes at the initial screening or interview which will make sure that the student has the right skills for the course and if not where to start in order to gain the skills. Once the course has been identified then the initial assessment can continue with either a diagnostic test which will identify my learner’s strengths and weaknesses and at what level my learner is at. Depending upon the type of education will depend upon the type of learning plan used. These can include Individual Learning Plan (ILP), Group Learning Plan (GLP) or a Personal Training Plan (PTP). Once we have a starting point it is good to make sure that the learner is constantly reaching their goal. This means reviewing the progress made against the learning plan often throughout the time period of the course as well as giving the learner feedback from the tutor either orally or written, this in itself can be done through interaction with the student such as tutorials, assignments, exercises practical or written tests, role plays and projects. This is commonly...
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