Culktural Differences & Their Impact on Aptitude & Cog. Assessment

Topics: United States, Educational psychology, Culture Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Running Head: Cultural Differences and their Impact on Aptitude and Cognitive Assessment     
Cultural Differences and their Impact on Aptitude and Cognitive Assessment  



One major problem for test designers is cultural bias in different cultural groups. To develop a test without introducing cultural bias is extremely hard to do. Some test designers only have a middle-class background and may have difficulty understanding some of the aptitude and cognitive assessments. While doing some of the assessment and aptitude tests some test creators can come to experience some of the difficulties and issues involved with culturally biased methods of testing intelligence. Most placement tests and intelligence tests scores are biased toward predominantly white, and the middle-class population because of the discrepancies between minority Native American, Asian American, Hispanic, & African American cultures. White students test scores are given based on cultural, socio-economic, linguistic, and genetic factors. Economics is one of the major cultural biases that are hindering the success of our schools. Research shows that children that come from lower socio-economic status are less likely to receive the education that they need, toward their individual needs than children that are from upper socioeconomic status. This economic bias comes from the fact that most public school teachers are from a white, middle-class culture.            African Americans score lower than white students do on assessments because these tests have shown to be culturally and racially biased. Some cultures cannot comprehend some of the questions that are on these assessments because some of them are posed and the language used in these test are cultural context that does not fit the background of a large number of minorities. In some situations it is also clear that analogy sections have contained some cultural and some racial biases; for...

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