Cultural Competence

Topics: Health care, Cross-cultural communication, Health disparities Pages: 11 (3312 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Thanks for submitting the Cultural Competence Health Practitioner Assessment. Based on your responses to each sub-scale, the following resources should enable you to enhance your cultural and linguistic competence: Subscale: Values and Belief Systems

The Values and Belief Systems subscale concerns practitioners' knowledge of the values and belief systems of diverse cultural groups and their impact on health care access and utilization. The scale explores perspectives of health, illness, well-being, care-seeking behaviors, traditional health practices, spirituality, and family/community dynamics. Your profile on this subscale indicates that you could benefit from gaining knowledge that will enable you to: * identify and engage key cultural informants within diverse communities. * query key cultural informants regarding values, beliefs and practices of community members as they relate to: * health, health care, illness and well-being

* diet, nutrition, physical activity
* religiosity & spirituality
* family dynamics
* practitioner credibility
* resiliency & strengths
* discern cultural group norms and within group differences. * identify and utilize information from strengths-based assessments of communities and families. RESOURCES

Library Resources
"Cross-Cultural Primary Care: A Patient-Based Approach". Carillo,J.E., Green, A.R. & Betancourt, J.R. 1999. Annals of Internal Medicine 130(910), 829-834. Health issues in the black community (2nd ed.). Braithwaite, R.L., & Taylor, S.E. (Eds.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2001.                 Chapters of Interest:

                4. Lifestyle Behaviors
                5.  Ethical, Political, and Ecological Issues. The Latino Patient: A Cultural Guide for Health Care Providers. Nilda Chong. Intercultural Press, 2001                 Chapters of Interest:

                2. Cultural Values of the Latino Patient                 3. Health Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Video Resources
Worlds Apart: A Four-Part Series on Cross-Cultural Healthcare. Video Modules by M. Grainger-Monsen & J. Haslett. Facilitator's Guide by A. Green, J. Betancourt & EJ.E. Carrillo.Distributed by Fanlight Productions, 800-937-4113

"Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: Linking Perceptions and Performance Facilitator Guide" by Indra Lahiri, Ph.D. of Workforce Development Group
Online Resources
 "Provider Handbooks on Culturally Competent Care" Section 7 of The Culturally Competent Care Toolkit, produced by the Institute for Culturally Competent Care, Kaiser Permanente, 2003, to order, call 510-271-6663.

Diversity and Cultural Competency Case Studies. Developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, as posted on the web page of the American Medical Student Association.

Cultural Aspects of Epidemiology
The Cultural Aspects of Epidemiology subscale consists of seven questions. This subscale concerns practitioners' knowledge of cultural, environmental and related etiologic factors that contribute to disease. It probes health disparity and risk and protective factors for underserved groups and communities. Your profile on this subscale indicates that you could benefit from gaining knowledge that will enable you to: * identify health, nutrition & communicable diseases prevalent in immigrant and refugee populations * learn the health protective factors influenced by cultural practices * describe the prevalence of health and mental health disparities among racial and ethnic groups * determine the impact of health and mental health disparities on communities served by your organization or program * access key...
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