Cultural Difference: China & Usa

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Communication Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: February 26, 2011
The Cultural Differences in Cross-cultural Communication
Guijun Zhang* China Pharmaceutical University / Nanjing University Abstract: The article discusses communication, cross-cultural communication and culture. It analyzes the root of cross-cultural difference and lists six fundamental patterns of cultural differences in cross-cultural communication. It also gives suggestion on how to properly treat these differences to achieve successful cross-cultural communication.

Key words: cross-cultural communic ation cultural difference different approaches respecting and cooperation
1. Introduction
Because of different cultural backgrounds, cultural experiences, ways of thinking, norms of behaviors and customs, it is not surprising to find that people have many difficulties and obstacles in understanding one another and communicating with one another. People from different cultures have their own cultural perceptions, beliefs, values and social customs which greatly determine their communicative ways. It is cultural difference that gives rises to many miscommunications. Therefore, we should raise awareness of “the other culture” to build bridges across misunderstanding among different cultures. Furthermore, we should also respect our cultural differences in cross-cultural communication and improve our communicative abilities to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and conflict in intercultural communication.

2. Conceptions of Communication, Cross-cultural Communication and Culture A British Professor Gillian Brown said, “Communication is a risky business”, which means the process of communication is the process of complete interaction. Yet it’s not an easy thing to fully communicate, because of different histories, cultures, social habits in different groups. Communication is a complex process in which meanings are created and reflected in human interaction with symbols. Literally, cross-cultural communication refers to the communication between a native speaker and...
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