Cultural Differences Between America and Poland

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Cultural Differences Between Poland and America

Hofstede’s dimensions of culture are the most popular model to explain the various effects across cultures. The data gathered by Hofsted from approximately 70 countries analyzed survey responses from participants. He developed five cultural dimensions that vary across multiple countries; Individualism- Collectivism, Masculinity- Feminity, Power Distance, Long Term Orientation, and Uncertainty Avoidance. Each characteristic carries a certain impact on cultural business practice. Based on the results from Hofstede’s dimensions American and Polish cultures are quite similar and only differs significantly in two out of five dimensions with America having a slightly lower rating in Power Distance. Power Distance

PDI is the extent in which it is accepted in organizations to be less powerful or have less powerful members. A high PDI index number indicates the people of that culture accept inequality, and lack a desire to participate or become involved with management decisions. These organizations structures are characterized as top- down communication and central control. The world average PDI index is 55, Poland scored 68 compared to America’s 40. This is more so accepted in the Polish culture rather than forced, though very close to the average these results are part of the communist ideology over the past decades proclaiming equality amongst them in social aspects but there is a large differentiation of society in terms of income and business opportunities. Through capitalism the Poland has experienced in the last few decades, it has made for huge potential for common ground and the development of organizational structure, and motivation systems within organizations. America is much less tolerant of power distances and rebel against any type of inequality. To be an American means to equality for all, it is one of the values they cherish the most. Equality in America is so important they give a religious basis....

References: (1984) L. Robert Kohls, Values America Live By
(2003) Jagoda Urban-Klaehn
Poland versus the USA - The Culture Clash
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