Culture and Dialectics

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Communication, Culture Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Reaction Paper Number Four

Why should we want to experience different cultures? For some the answer is, they do not. They do not want to step out of their comfort zone or maybe have not had the opportunity to experience a real cross-cultural experience. I think if they realized how much these experiences could enrich them; they may have a change of heart. These experiences broaden our view of the world around us and even how we think about ourselves. They can help us except the differences in cultures and make us more tolerant to others. The different encounters can also provide us with knowledge, education, and memories that can last a lifetime. In February 2010 I was able to spend four weeks in Mozambique, Africa. I went into this with very little knowledge of the culture. It was an amazing and sometimes scary experience that I will never forget. Looking back I think I would have prepared better and studied the culture more to help ease the shock of a vastly different world. I believe some of the things I learned this semester would have been very helpful. Application of Dialectics

While in Africa I remember thinking just how different these people were. Their language, their customs, and numerous other things were very different from what I was accustomed to. When applying the differences-similarities dialectic I realized maybe we are not as different as I first thought.1 The way they greeted each other was very much the same. A handshake and a smile were the most common. In a lot of cases their handshake and greetings were a lot warmer and they seemed generally glad to meet you. There was a sense of ease they gave me even though I did not understand the language. Another thing that amazed me was the use of cell phones. When I think of Africa I think of poverty, poor living conditions, and honestly no electronic or technological devices. This proved to be wrong. Everywhere you went from the larger towns to very small villages, everyone had a cell...

Cited: 1. Reflection Paper One by Big Johnson. “Along with the many cultural differences between America and India, there are some similarities.”
This passage from my first reflection paper reflects the point being made.
2. Reflection Paper Three by Bigger Johnson. “When considering the macro system we can look at one aspect of American culture. This aspect is the emergence of technology. It’s safe to say that technology is a major part of our culture.” This passage from my third reflection paper reflects the point being made.
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