Culture Background

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, United States Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Essay #1: Culture Background
The United States is probably one of the most diverse continents filled with different cultural backgrounds, ethnic groups and language boundaries. As these different cultures immigrate to the United States the most common entity that continues with them and that is passed down through generations are their unique values. With which it is described in five dimensions that are individualism-collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, masculinity-femininity and time orientation. As a young woman born and raised in the United States with two parents from South America, I wasn’t raised as a typical European-American child. Sometimes I feel like I kind of live two lives in one world. In an environment with just my American friends our similarities are mainly of language, power and individualism. For example, for the most part we both believe we should have a democracy and equality among all. Also woman have a right to do as they wish and communication is freely up and down class lines are just a few. As within my home and with other Hispanic/Latinos I share relatively close ideas and problems that are probably obscure to other cultures. For example, the way we, Hispanic/Latino, are raised by our parents is much different from a European-American, or any other co-cultures, like African-Americans and Asian-American. I definitely have similarities with European-American culture just because of activities I do outside my household like going to school in the U.S, working, and partying. In and outside with my family my parents without a doubt embrace their culture and embedded in my siblings and me, so that one day we can also past it to our future generation and not lose our Hispanic/Latino culture. When other cultures backgrounds interact, in this case European-American it affects communication between cultures. Things that probably are common in a European-American culture maybe be offensive in other culture like eye-contact....
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