Culture Difference in Business Negotiation

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Intercultural Communication skills in

International Business

Globalisation, the expansion of intercontinental trade, technological advances and the increase in the number of companies dealing on the international stage have brought about a dramatic change in the frequency, context and means by which people from different cultural backgrounds interact, especially cross-cultural communication in international business. Global communications bring countries and cultures closer to each other every day even though they may be on separate continents. However, barriers to communicating still exist due to cultural differences as well as dialects. In the business world, cross-cultural barriers can be significant in conducting global commerce. International trade presents multi-level challenges dealing with cross-cultural communication. Language is the biggest problem and global companies recognize the need for employees who are fluent in several languages. Of course, in addition to language, religion, customs, methods of dealing with people also play a significant role in international negotiations. Once some link has the problem, which will lead to the breakdown of negotiations. Therefore, This requests negotiations both sides correctly utilize the negotiations skill, making the negotiations complete smoothly. 1.Definition

Intercultural communication refers to the different cultural backgrounds of communication between individuals, that is, people from different cultural backgrounds of the interaction. In recent years, it causes most people's attention. In China, the language teachers to show great interest, reflecting the changes of the times and demands, has attracted people from the perspective of cross-cultural education of foreign language teaching in-depth thinking. 2.Case description

Ma Ping works in a joint-venture company as an executive in China. His boss is an American named Steve. They are good friends Once, at a meeting with mostly Chinese participants including Ma Ping, Steve didn’t listen to much different ideas when asking for any suggestions on his new project. So he took it for granted that his new project would be quite satisfactory to everyone present at the meeting and decided to implement the plan. But to his great surprise and puzzlement, after the meeting, Ma Ping came to his office and told him that there were problems with the project, and the project might not work properly. This time, to Ma Ping’s surprise, Steve didn’t seem happy but even annoyed with this. Analysis: In China, if you disagree with your friend at the meeting, you can’t speak out in public. Because if you do that, your friend will lose his face. The best action is to talk with him in private . While in the western country, if you have a different idea about the project of your friend at the meeting, you must raise an objection instantly rather than in private later. I conclude that in business negotiations, cultural differences between the negotiating parties will often become an obstacle to the negotiations,and even lead to the breakdown of negotiations. Therefore, we should pay attention to some skills in the negotiations to avoid the breakdown of negotiations 3. Intercultural communication skills

Business negotiation can be understood as a process in which two or more parties come together to discuss common and conflicting business interests in order to reach an agreement of mutual benefit . Negotiation can be considered a delicate business, made even more delicate by different cultural understandings. How can we avoid the subtle pitfalls and make deals go smoothly? There is a detail way to solve this ituation. 3.1The preparation before the intercultural negotiation

A good pre-preparation is a key note to have a successful negotiation. If we have a negotiation in hurry, we will know little about our partner and we can not get the most benefits during the intercultural negotiation. And of course, our partners...
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