Culture Keenness

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Anthropology Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Ekta Gupta
Management Communication & Cultural Competence – MGT 6413 College of Saint Scholastica

The moment I read Hofstede’s experience of holding three different map of the world as every individual designed it thinking their country lies as center, I got curious about how much I know today beyond my predefined boundaries and how much I knew in my younger age. When I had moved out from my home for further studies I felt like being thrown for diving without having known swimming even. Life has got all together a different meaning which I can understand today with the help of Hofsted explanations on Level of uniqueness in mental programming and Onion Manifestation of culture.

As Hofstede, Geert (2010) explained that Culture is a mental program with three unique layers which are: 1) Personality:
2) Culture
3) Human nature:

My father was a scholar but very much unsocial and short tempered. He never hesitated raising his voice against the wrong and so do we all three sisters are like. I have seen my same attitude in my school life and spoken boldly to my project manager on the unjustified appraisal procedure. Both situation has landed me in dangerous situation but this was my basic instinct (from my father and I would say from mother too) to voice against what you feel is not correct. But as Hofstede stated culture teaches human to responds to our emotions. By time I have learned how to act professionally and more poised way rather than reacting on situations. I would call it as a culture shift for the good. I have a seen a huge personality change in myself as I grow up. My Parent remained busy in resolving their conflicts which kept us away from a happy family. We siblings avoided handling social relations out of embarrassment of their conflicts and gradually turned out to be emotionally blank. But culture is something that we keep learning and we can make a shift to different culture and at last what we all...

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