Customer Service at Alton Towers

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Customer Service at Alton Towers
I am going to be writing about the customer service in Alton Towers, and factors that would affect the customer service. I will begin with writing about factors that would affect customer service: a) Seeing as how Alton Towers is an amusement park, factors that could effect could affect customer service can range from factors such as are there many places for visitors to purchase food for when they are hungry, are they enough lavatories around the park, and, most importantly, are the rides in the park easily accessible. Other things such as how queues are managed and navigation around the park may also affect customer service. b) They are a variety of customers in Alton towers, and I will list who they are and what their expectations are: • Parents (Young Children): Parents would be a type of customer that the park would have to consider, not because of the parents, but more so the young children that they would of taken to the park. Their expectations would range from rides and other forms of entertainment that would be suitable for their children, as well as accessible changing facilities for very young children. They may also need a child orientated restraint for the children to eat out, and not a restraint that is more geared towards adults. I would also presume that they expect to have some sort of navigation or information for them to actually find places suitable for their children. • Teenagers/Young Adults: Older audiences would be expecting exciting forms of entertainment, which would more than likely come into the form of the rides that they expect to go on. In this case, they would probably want to have accessible rides with organised queues (so that it does not take a large amount of time to actually get to the ride), information regarding how stacked the lines are so that the teenagers are also to plan ahead if they would want to wait for a long time for a specific ride....
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