CYP 3.4 Evidence 1.4

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Unit CYP Core 3.1 Child and young person development
Evidence 3
There are many different ways to monitor a child or young person’s development. It is important that a range of different teaching methods and observations are used when working with children’s individual needs. Gathering information about an individual pupils needs from parents/guardians and other staff can help us recognise significant changes that maybe occurring. This information along with information obtained from carrying out observations can help determine how we monitor and evaluate their progression. Assessment Frameworks

The assessment framework is used to determine whether a child is in need and if so, the nature of their needs. Once the needs have been established the interventions can be put in place.

These can be carried out formally and informally. Information from observations on a pupil’s progress is passed onto the teacher who will then report it to the parent/guardian.

Information observations
Information observations are carried out daily when working with a pupil and overtime a picture can be built of the pupil’s progress and if there are any issues such as, unable to draw circles with a compass, not recording homework correctly in the planner. Any observations are fed back to the teacher daily, however they may not always be recorded and information gathered may not be passed onto others. Formal observations

Formal observations may be carried out to support the teacher on assessing a pupil’s level of development such as a controlled assessment or a speaking and listening test.

Standard Measurements
Standard measurements are usually obtained by medical practitioners to ensure that a child is growing at the expected rate for their age.

Information from carers and colleagues
Information from carers can be vital if there is a factor that may be influencing the development of a young person an example may be that the pupil is being bullied or they don’t understand the learning objective but are too scared to ask for help. As a colleague if you see a change in the child you must communicate this to the class teacher to help them to assess what assistance may be required.

There are many reasons why children’s and young person’s developments might not follow the expected pattern, personal and external factors all have an effect on development. Unfortunately in some cases although investigation takes place no reason is found but in most of the cases a reason is found and it might be one of the following.

A child having a disability may delay development in specific areas. If the child’s individual needs are assessed early on, delays in development can be minimised. For example, a child with difficulties walking would struggle to join in with physical activities, if the problem is detected early and support is provided for the child i.e. specific walking aids and adapted equipment to enable him to join in, the developmental delay might be minimised.

Emotional reasons
How children feel emotionally plays an important part in their development. Children that might be suffering from a depression or low self-esteem might not be keen and motivated to take risks in life and try out new things, while children emotionally balanced take all the opportunities they might come across giving them the possibility to achieve their full potential.

Physical reasons
Some children’s development might not follow the expected pattern because of their genetic code which makes them develop at a slower rate than another children with no specific reason. Some children’s development might also be affected by the rate they grow physically.   An example of this is a 2 year old that is not yet able to speak yet and so he/she is not able to reach his/her full potential.

Environmental Reasons
There are many environmental reasons that can effect child development, like poverty, where a child...
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