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Topics: Chemistry, Laboratory glassware, Ammonia Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: April 1, 2014

Practical Report 3: Copper and Cobalt Ammine Complexes

Chemistry 211 Inorganic Chemistry
University of the Cape

Name of Partners:

Date of Practical: 19th February 2014

Aims and Objective
The purpose of the practical was the synthesis and preparation of ammine complexes identified as being and [ that were catalytically enhanced by charcoal, and record the yield obtained from the two experiments. Introduction

In experiment (1) was synthesised as a 6-coordination compound from using CoCl2•6H2O in an oxidation state with the presence of NH3 and activated carbon charcoal. The formation of the desired complex was formed by the procedure by the air oxidation of cobalt(II) to cobalt(III) salt in the presence of the ligands by, in the below equation consisting of 2Co(H2O)6Cl2 + H2O2 + 2NH4Cl+ 10NH3 → 2Co()Cl3 + 14H2O.

In experiment (2) [Cu(NH3)4]SO4.H2O was also synthesised by the equation below CuSO4•5H2O + 4NH3 → [Cu(NH3)4]SO4 •H2O + 4 H2O
Where CuSO4•xH2O was reacted with NH3 in an aqueous solution of [Cu(H2O)4]2+ , where the NH3 replaces the H2O but with the desired product accompanied in the solution because of the fifth H2O molecule being hydrogen bonded to the SO42- ion in a solid state. To crystallize the solution into an isolated solid 96% ethyl alcohol was added to the solution to reduce the solubility. The solution was then filtered through a Buchner funnel using suction. Finally once product was dried, its weight was recorded. Experimental Method

Experiment (1): 4g of Ammonium Chloride was weighed and placed into a 100cm3 conical flask. 10cm3 of water was added to the 100cm3 conical flask then 3g of to the mixture. The mixture was stirred until dissolved. 1g of carbon animal charcoal was added to the hot solution. Then the solution was cooled in an ice bath to approximately 10-20°C. In the fume cupboard 14cm3 of concentrated ammonia was added. The solution was cooled in a salt-ice-bath to...
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