Death of Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Love, Adultery Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: May 1, 2013
So you fall in love or so to speak and find that the next essential step is marriage. At least for the majority of people, marriage is the last string that is needed to legitimize this union between a man and a woman. Of course we could argue otherwise and why we can do away with marriages but this Hub is not intended to that. What I would like to discuss is how marriage leads to the suicide of romance. I am going to look at various aspects.

The first is that notion of the forbidden. Sex in many countries is not forbidden but outside of marriage tends to have an element of exitement. You know that you are going against all the old conventions but yet find it irresistable. And because of its slightly forbidden element you find it more exciting. When you are married you are no longer interested in sex. Sex becoms too routine, too AVAILABLE and lacks this mystery. You are now settling in to this comfort zone and with this comfort zone you tend to neglect yourself a bit. Of course this change occurs to both men and women, but unfortunately it is women who are always more prone to falling into the traps of marriage. But there is no blame game here. Simply put sex begins to lack excitement and your relationship almost turns into a roomate relationship especially here in the West. I find that the dominant role the man holds in many eastern countries tends to keep the flame alive for a bit longer. But eventually even there marriage begins to lose its spark because the women is expected to become a mother and a wife and well just a household keeper. But again that is for a different hub.

In the western world the woman carries on more responsibilities relatively outside the house. This tends to exhaust her and in turn leads her to neglect her appearance, her approach to life, her flirtatious side which was found irresistable by her lover before they joined in holy matrimony. Basically what happens is the death of romance. Why go out on dates when you are planning to...
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