Definition Essay on Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Gender role, Monogamy Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Marriage Traditions and the Change
For years, ever since marriage was created, it has been through the will of God and promise of two people to care and love each other till their end. Marriage that was solely based on religion in the beginning eventually was moulded by the influences of tradition and culture that eventually led to stereotypes on the roles of each gender. We all know that since the early ages of man, it was the men that brought back the food, built shelters, and it was then that protected their families while the women held the pleasures of caring for their offspring and partners. As the humankind evolved and developed to civilization, these roles not only remained the same, but they strengthened. Therefore, the role of husband and wife in a traditional marriage have been created and altered over time by society’s perception of how religion, gender roles, tradition and culture have shaped them. Before the institution of marriage love and commitment, marriage was not created for the purpose of love. Reproducing and polygamy (multiple partners) was form of survival instinct and for creating allies between kingdoms. Such bond between people even began in the Stone Age as a way of organizing and controlling reproduction to provide stable structures for their daily lives. It was not only much later on that marriage became the organization of religious authority for such commitment. Such public declaration of monogamous love and commitment dates back to ancient Egypt and Israel. Monogamy became widely practiced with the word of God and vows of honestly, equality and emphasis on education such principles on their children. Religion was a way to spread Gods word that gave people knowledge of monogamous relationships and humanistic values. Marriage often was and still is important for many traditions and cultures. In India, arranged marriage was of abundance that kept kingdoms, bloodline, wealth, caste together. Especially during the rulings of kings...
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