Demonstrations in Chemistry Classes

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Chemistry, Oxygen Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Hussam Aldurayhim
Dr. Khalique Ahmed
Fun Filled Hands On Science
17 January 2013
Demonstrations in Chemistry Class
Chemistry is a class that a lot of college student are afraid of, and when I think of chemistry, complex equations that don’t benefit come to my mind. The reason is that all I got out of chemistry is those unbeneficial equations, for me at least. Also, I learned that H2O is water. With all those negative statements, I still believe that chemistry is a very important subject to understand the magic of this life and nature. So, what is the best way to gain this knowledge? This semester, my chemistry class is mostly based on seeing the magic of chemistry with my eyes and feeling all the equations with my hand. Demonstrations have been done throughout the semester, and I can officially say that I learned a lot from a chemistry class, and it will benefit me later in life. In this class, we learned a lot of tricks, but three of them were more interesting and important to me, dry ice and hot water, revealing fingerprints, and shiny pennies. The dry-ice demonstration was the best one that I’ve experimented, and I think it’s a great reaction to be used in multiple situations. First of all, dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.(Pangler) Instead of melting, dry ice turns directly into carbon dioxide gas but does not melt like real ice. That’s why it’s called dry ice, it’s doesn’t produce any liquid, only gas. We can play with dry ice in many ways; the burping and smoking water is an easy procedure. First, we heat some water until it boils, and drop small pieces of dry ice in the water with care. Then, the dry will evaporate quicker because it’s in a hot water, and it will turn into a nice cloud. This cloud is very beautiful, and the whole thing can be used as a decorative piece. And, some people use it during Halloween as a magical thing. There is a second use of dry ice that can be used for fun; it’s the bomb-bottle. If we put some dry ice into a hot water,...

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