Demonstrative Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Message Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Running Head: Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication Paper
Fabiola Nevarez

Demonstrative Communication Paper
We all have different ways of expressing how what we are thinking and feeling while communicating with others. We communicate verbally and non-verbally, written or visual. Demonstrative communication is defined as the process of sending and receiving messages and involves, exchanging thoughts, messages or information. One of the most common ways to communicate non-verbally is with our body language and facial expressions. For example, when someone is tired, he or she will normally yawn and stretch their arms. This type of body language could be perceived as tiredness by others. Body language and facial expressions also allow us to receive negative or positive feedback from others. I work for an oil & gas company as File Manager for the Drilling and Production department and interact with people on a daily basis. Through demonstrative communication, I am able to assess if co-workers are engaged in my conversation or if he or she is interested in what I am verbally communicating. This is very important especially since many of my peers are engineers who seem to be more impersonal l and reserved and require me to pay attention to more than what they are verbally communicating. Sometimes, an engineer may tell a joke that no one finds funny but after he laughs, we all laugh. His laughter is an indication to us that he is trying to be funny. Once, during one of our morning meetings, I was giving everyone a summary about the files for our latest acquisition and I could tell the VP of Drilling and Production was not very interested in what I was communicating. He would constantly look at his blackberry which let me know that he was more preoccupied with what he was reading then the meeting. He was also slouching, yawning, and seemed to be uneasy in his chair. His body language was an indication to me that I needed to...
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