Describe and Discuss Ethical Frameworks Within Which Counselling and Therapeutic Practitioners Work. Include Justification for Observing Codes of Conduct and How Professionalism Is Maintained.

Topics: Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 4 (1584 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Assessment 6
1. Describe and discuss ethical frameworks within which counselling and therapeutic practitioners work. Include justification for observing codes of conduct and how professionalism is maintained. 2. Outline a range of therapeutic strategies which ensure safe practice for both practitioner and client. This will include safety, record keeping, confidentiality and issues such as bias, prejudice and transference. To have good ethical practice within counselling it is important that there are boundaries and contracts in place that are agreed to and understood by both the counsellor and the client. At the start of each new counselling session it is important that a contract is set out between the client and counsellor. The BACP states 'good practice involves clarifying and agreeing to the rights and responsibilities of both the counsellor and the client at appropriate points in their working relationship'. Within the contract between a counsellor and client, such things as the type of counselling being offered, number of sessions, the frequency of sessions, timing of sessions, length of sessions, payment and confidentiality should be discussed and agreed to by both the counsellor and client. Boundaries mark a safe place in which to provide counselling where the client can enter and exit, but inside the boundaries the focus is always on the client. It is important that counselling remains professional all times and by having boundaries in place it helps to differentiate the client and counsellor relationship from any other the client may have. With good clear boundaries in place it will help protect the client from any kind of exploitation, within the boundaries each person should know exactly what their role is and what they have to do within their role i.e. the counsellor is there to counsel and the client is there to be counselled. Boundaries are influenced by the law and by the BACP codes of practice and ethics. If the boundaries are...
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