Design Lab for the Rate of Reaction Between Mg and H2So4

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Design lab for the rate of reaction between Mg and H2SO4

Increasing the concentration (in moles) of H2SO4 will increase the rate of the reaction when a ribbon of Mg is added to the solution. The rate of the reaction all depends on how strong the concentration of the solution is.

Research question:
Does altering the concentration of H2SO4 increase the rate of reaction when a ribbon of Mg is mixed with the solution?


Independent Variable: The concentration of the solution (in moles)

Dependent Variable: The amount of time it takes for the Mg ribbon to dissolve. (Seconds)

Controlled Variables:
* Amount of solution used
* Same beaker
* Temperature of the beaker
* Stopwatch
* Same amount of Mg was used

I predict that the higher the concentration is, in moles, the quicker the rate of the reaction will be. This is will occur due to the amount of collisions happening in the solution. As the concentration of the solution increase so will the amount of collisions in the reaction.


Measuring the rate of reaction
A stopwatch was used to measure the time, in seconds, to see how long it would take for the ribbon to fully dissolve in the H2SO4 solution.

Measuring the amount of Mg
To measure the amount of Mg going into the solution, a scale had to be used to get the correct amount of Mg for every trial. Measuring the amount of H2SO4 solution
A graduation cylinder was used to measure the amount of H2SO4 solution for each one of the trials.

Controlling the variables
For each of the trails that took place, all of the steps mentioned above had to take place. It is key to control the variable otherwise the experiment will have flaws.

The range of the independent variable
To insure that we had substantial data the concentration of the H2SO4 had to be monitored. Ensuring that the moles of the H2SO4 changed but it needed to stay consistent to reduce the amount of errors and...
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