Development of an Equation

Topics: Chemistry, Ion, Potassium iodide Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Development of an Equation

Purpose: Investigate a chemical reaction using lab procedures and observations. Then, find a pattern of reactivity and explain the findings using a chemical equation and particle diagram. Procedure: Refer to: Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University. "Development of an Equation." General Chemistry 1210 Laboratory Manual. Vol. 2013-2014. Plymouth: Hayden-McNeil. 32-35. Data/Results:

Part A: In the potassium iodide solution, I think there were potassium atoms as well as iodine atoms. In the lead nitrate solution, I think there were lead and nitrate ions. The potassium atoms and the lead atoms can be classified as cations, since they are metals. The iodine atoms and the nitrate ion can be classified as anions since they are nonmetals. Upon mixing, the solution turned into a cloudy yellow color. Evidence that a chemical reaction occurred was that the two solutions created a new color because the two solutions were originally colorless. There was no gas formed. Part B:

(Testing the Anions)
Iodide reaction with hydrogen peroxide observations- The precipitate at the bottom turned into a red solid and the liquid solution was a dirty yellow color. Nitrate reaction with hydrogen peroxide observations- A colorless precipitate formed at the bottom and looked like a bubble. It was a relatively large bubble. The liquid solution was colorless and cloudy/fizzy. Since the reaction resulted in some fizzing and bubbles, this is indication that a gas was formed. (Testing the Cations)

Potassium reaction with thioacetamide observations – No reaction occurred. Lead reaction with thioacetamide observations - A violet-black precipitate formed at the bottom of the test tube and the liquid solution was a cloudy grey color. It was about the same size precipitate as the nitrate reaction with hydrogen peroxide. Strong smell from the thioacetamide.

Part C: Identification of ions in the precipitate that forms when lead nitrate...
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