Diagnostic Patterns in Reading

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1. Discuss a diagnostic pattern. Explain how to determine reading potential.

There is no single correct method for teaching a student how to read. A teacher must try all methods until they find what works best for that child. Throughout this time, a teacher must use a diagnostic pattern to prevent difficulties in learning to read as well as how to improve a student’s reading so that they can reach their potential for reading.

There are two parts to the diagnostic pattern. The first is identification. Here is where the teacher identifies the student’s present level of performance in word recognition and comprehension. This is done by using a variety of reading assessments. The second part is appraisal. This is where the teacher evaluates what and how the student reads in relationship to their potential. Knowing a child’s potential can help a teacher cater their instruction to the student’s individual strengths.

Early intervention of students with reading problems and frequent assessments are important factors in determining the reading potential of a child. Another factor is a good teacher that can teach lessons to all students regardless of their ability. But how do we determine if a student is reading to their potential? We need to assess them using a reading comprehension measure. This measure helps us gage what the student is capable of understanding after a text is read aloud to them. It has it advantages in that it is easier to administer than an IQ test, and that this measure is directly related to reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension can be determined by using an informal reading inventory (IRI). This is used to tell us useful information about the student’s performance and it can be used to inform and guide a teacher’s instruction. An IRI is an individually administered informal test with a graded word lists, graded reading passages, and comprehension questions that assess how students interact with print when they are reading to...
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