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 Difference in Marriage Practice in Different Cultures Angel Setzer
Tracy Samperio

Difference in Marriage Practice in Different Cultures There are a lot of cultures across the world that practices marriage in many different ways. The way the different cultures practice marriage is unique. Evert culture has their own way of doing several of things and marriage is one of them. In the French culture it is tradition for the French to marry in the city hall then continue with the ceremony somewhere else. The bride and groom are to either dress odd or perform in the streets. Couples are made to collect money to be able to pay for their own wedding and what is left out of the money, may be used for other things. All family members are a part of the wedding. The community is also a part of the wedding. They consider the donations to be a blessing to the couples. In a Indian culture, a Hindu wedding is called a vivaha. There is a lot of importance with a Hindu wedding. The wedding is very colorful. The bride and groom’s home is often decorated . The wedding last for several days and the bride changes outfits. The pre and post wedding celebrations often vary by different parts of the region that includes multiple day events. The French and Indian Culture practice marriage in different ways. One way they are different is the french only celebrate the wedding for one day and the Indian celebrate up to at least seven days. The Indian culture has different day events and the French only has a one day event. There are a lot more importance that goes into a Indian culture than into a French culture. Even though it seems like weddings are the same and usually have the traditional bride and groom ,cultures are different in the way they practice marriage. Some cultures take more pride in planning and performing the wedding....
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