Different Attitudes toward Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Husband Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 29, 2013

As the walls of stereotypes destroyed over the time, the thinking of must-do-marriage also destroyed. People started to think about the things they never focused on before. There came a question about the marriage; “Do we have to marry?” Instantly, the attitudes towards it divided into three categories. Many different attitudes each have their own fair reasons.

Many people wonder, “Why do people bother to marry?” The answer is that many people are now marrying for a different reason. Marriage has become a status symbol- a highly regarded marker of a successful personal life. By marrying, people like to show their richness. Unlike past, marriage is more discretionary than ever, and also more distinctive. It is something young adults do after they and their live-in partners have good jobs and a nice apartment. It has become the capstone experience of personal life- the last brick put in place after everything else is set. People marry to show their family and friends how well their lives are going.

Another group of people marry, but they do not want to have children. The reasons were varied; some of the women alluded to demanding work schedules that made having a child undesirable, others to the fact that they simply have no desire to have a child. A common thread among all the women's stories was that they felt they continually had to justify their choice. As the author Lauren Sandler pointed out, “We rarely ask, 'Why do you have kids?' Instead it's 'Why don't you?' And that 'why don't you' comes with a ton of judgment.”

The last group of people doesn’t want to get married at all. Some people have a wrong image of marriage by thinking marriage creates a commitment. People who do not marry think a married couple is no more committed to each other than a non-married couple. A piece of paper and marriage rings don't create any kind of commitment, they say. Another reason is because of the bad previous experience. It's ridiculous when a person is on...
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