Different Cultures

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 29, 2012
The Experiences I’ve had with different cultures would be being with family is the one I take most pride in. and a trip I took to Mexico For thanks giving day it had to be the people and the food - I experienced. First of all, if you're going to a city like Mexico, I feel you blend some of the cultural experience already. The people were outgoing and outspoken in their language of course. The food was awesome and the different cultures that were located in that area.

My best cultural experiences would be when you are together with your family. Living and enjoying the overall moment that you are living for during the holidays especially. Because those are moments you cannot replace and moments that people should all cherish. And while I was in Mexico with family and seeing different cultures on how people’s daily lives are is pretty interesting compared to home.

Second experience was the way of greeting. In Mexico there is a variety of ethnic groups, so I got many chances to meet different people from various countries. When I saw the different races and cultures in one area everyone would just wave at each other for greeting, or some form of hand gesture. However, things were very different with females they gave me a hug, and even kissed on my cheeks as a sign of greeting. It was very different compared to the normal greeting in America. Back at home we do not usually hug each other, not mention to kiss except when we see our beloved one like boyfriend or girlfriend and not to mention depending on the situation. Yet, this custom naturally grew on me as time passed, and I started to enjoy this because it gave me a good opportunity to hug a guy/girl I liked.

I tried my best to adjust to a new culture and be flexible while staying in Mexico. I knew that the old concepts that I brought from my home would interfere to adapting to a different culture. Despite my all efforts, there were some remaining conflicts between my cultural view verses the norms in the...
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