Diffusion of Chemicals

Topics: Chemistry, Molecular diffusion, Chemical reaction Pages: 3 (404 words) Published: June 22, 2013
DIFFDiffusion of Chemicals
* Diffusion-is the process whereby particles of liquids, gases, or solids intermingle as the result of their spontaneous movement caused by thermal agitation and in dissolved substances move from a region of higher to one of lower concentration. The rate of diffusion depends on the size of the surface area to the volume in the cell. The higher the surface area of cells in relation to their volume, the quicker diffusion takes place.

Experiment on Diffusion
Aim: to determine diffusion
Materials: Agar, Ruler
Chemicals: Potassium Permanganate, Methylene Blue and Potassium Dichromate. Method: Obtain a pinch of potassium permanganate, methylene blue and potassium dichromate. Place each substance carefully on the surface of agar, carefully noting which is which so that the crystals are spread equally over the agar and not too close to the edge of the dish. Measure the diameter of the colored area immediately after adding the substance to the agar with regular 10-minute intervals.

---- Potassium Dichromate
---- Potassium Dichromate
-----Potassium Dichromate
p--- Potassium Permanganate
---- Methylene Blue

Hypothesis: There would be no changes in Potassium Permanganate, Methylene Blue and Potassium Dichromate as time passes by. In short, there is no chemical change that will occur because the chemicals did not mix together.

Results Based on Experiment:
Potassium Dichromate| |
Time (min.)| Diameter (mm)|
0| 12mm|
10| 12mm|
20| 13mm|
30| 14mm|
40| 14mm|
50| 15mm|
60| 16mm|

Potassium Permanganate| |
Time (min.)| Diameter(mm)|
0| 15mm|
10| 17mm|
20| 19mm|
30| 34mm|
40| 34mm|
50| 42mm|
60| 43mm|

Methylene Blue| |
Time(min.)| Diameter(mm)|
0| 8mm|
10| 9mm|
20| 9mm|
30| 10mm|
40| 10mm|
50| 11mm|
60| 11mm|

Results: Within a matter of one hour observing the chemicals in the agar, as time passes by the amount of...
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