Discuss the Significant Factors for European Dominance and Wealth During the Seventeenth Century

Topics: Caribbean, Atlantic slave trade, Slavery Pages: 5 (2039 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Discuss the significant factors for European dominance and wealth during the seventeenth century ,and the contribution of African labour to their profitability and success of the plantation economies in the new world

1492 was Europe’s first interaction with the Caribbean the voyage was lead by Christopher Columbus who travel to the Caribbean three time thinking that he reached Indian he never realised his mistake this is why the Caribbean is called the West Indies , he was inspired by Genoese roots as well as his experiences in Portugal. His goal was to find trading posts to boast the trade and resources and wealth of the country, also another factor was to find spices for the preservation of food, as refrigeration had not yet been technologically invented yet, so there fore this was the only way to keep meat fresh by using salt ,spices also concealed the taste of bad meat. Another factor of the exploration of the Caribbean was gold, as the Spanish ventures who had landed in the Caribbean had to reimburse their sponsors’, this triggered the advancement of searching for god deposits so the explorers could pay there fees, but in order to get the gold sufficient labour was needed to mine ,so the encomienda system was put in place. This system meant a certain area of land with a number of indigenous people/slaves given to a settler ,but the only duty was to spread Christianity to the salves, this way they obtained gold for payment and spread their religion, which was seen as needed. But the unforeseen factor of the spread of the European disease, mistreatment in brutal way along side harsh labour regime obliterated the population so expeditions was sent out to surrounding island in order to replenish the dwindling numbers for the labour demanded.

European dominance in the new world was so effective as the Europeans were more technological advanced the steam ship shortened the time that was spent at sea this therefore brought the world closer to Europe, they could travel and trade what they had or enable them to acquire what they desired .This sort if technology gave the Europeans dominance as it permitted construction of many deep water ports worldwide such as the Suez canal in Egypt and the Panama, due to these a short cut was provided to reach major oceans. Although this created a faster route this was not in favour of the British or the Americans as shortened the times was more efficient military and diplomatic control. Also less tropical diseases was caught by Europeans’ as medical discoveries began to happen made the Europeans stronger and better prepared for new climate and countries to explore. Other technological advances were weaponry as gun and firearms which the European military had acquired , had devastating affects on other solders around the world especially the new world as the were still co considered primitive as their weaponry was spear made out of wood and stone, so they were at a great disadvantage when it come to defending themselves and their land and resources.

The mid-fifteenth century is when the trans-Atlantic slave trade began when the Portuguese interest moved from gold to more readily availed assets such as slaves and by the seventh century was in full swing just peaking at the eighteenth century. The trade winds of the Atlantic are important as they have shaped the history and Caribbean region and Europe would not have any impact on the Caribbean which possible no slave trade, even today they still define the weather of the Caribbean agricultural and thought tourism. The winds and currents go in the same direction two flow towards the Caribbean the north and south equatorial current , north flowing east to west which is meet by the south coming from the south coast of America, then reaching the lesser Antilles they fuse together this forms a west flowing current to the Caribbean sea. This is a consistence flow westerly, Then turns northwards towards the coast of Central...
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