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Science and PE Division
Course Syllabus: General Chemistry I

Spring – 2012
Chem 1411 – 4003 (4 Credit Hours)
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Course Description

General Chemistry I:This is a Texas Common Course Number. This is a DCCCD Core Curriculum Course. Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or equivalent AND Developmental Reading 0093 or English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044 or have met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Reading standard. High school chemistry is strongly recommended.

Course Description: This course is for science and science-related majors. Fundamental concepts of chemistry are presented including measurement and the metric system, the history of chemistry, the mole concept, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, energy and chemical reactions, states and properties of matter, the periodic table, chemical bonding, atomic and molecular structure, gas laws, and concentrations of solutions. (3 Lec., 3 Lab.) Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 4005015203

Textbooks and Other Course Materials:

1. General Chemistry Atoms First, McMurry and Fay, Custom Edn. for Eastfield (with the mastering chemistry) Pearson Education, Inc., 2010. ISBN 10: 0-558-25824-7

2. Online Homework: www.masteringchemistry.com[->1] (available with the custom edn. Text book)

Scientific calculator
Safety goggles

Course Objectives: Chem 1411 SLOs

1.Convert units of measure and demonstrate dimensional analysis skills 2.Define the fundamental properties of matter. Classify matter, compounds, and chemical reactions. 3.Determine the basic nuclear and electronic structure of atoms 4.Identify trends in chemical and physical properties of the elements using the Periodic Table 5.Describe the bonding in and the shape of simple molecules and ions 6.Solve stoichiometric problems.

7.Write chemical formulas
8.Write and balance equations
9.Use the rules of nomenclature to name chemical compounds
10.Define the types and characteristics of chemical reactions 11.Use the gas laws and basics of the Kinetic Molecular Theory to solve gas problems 12.Determine the role of energy in physical changes and chemical reactions.

Selected SLOs for testing:
1.Write balanced chemical reactions and identify spectator ion and net ionic reaction. 2.Demonstrate good understanding of significant figures
3.Solve stoichiometric problems

Core Curriculum Intellectual Competencies

1.READING the ability to analyze and interpret a variety of printed materials - books, documents, and articles - above 12th grade level 2.LISTENING analyze and interpret various forms of spoken communication, possess sufficient literacy skills of writing, reading - above 12th grade level 3.CRITICAL THINKING think and analyze at a critical level

Evaluation Procedures:

Grading: Your performance in the lecture will be evaluated in midterm exams, assignments, writing exercises, quizzes and a comprehensive final exam. Short pop-quizzes will be given at any time of the classes. Average of the quiz grades will be taken for the final grade. All missed exams/quizzes will result in a score of zero. If it is to your benefit, the final exam grade will be substituted for the lowest midterm test grade. The course grade will be calculated in the following manner: Attendance, participation 5%

Quizzes, 20%
Exams 20%
Assignments (Online HW) 15%
Lab Experiments 25 %
ACS Final Examination 15 %
Total100 %
The overall grade for the course will be determined using the following distribution: A > 90 % B 80– 89 % C 70 – 79 % D 60 – 69 % F < 59.5 %

Writing Across the Curriculum: Science courses at Eastfield College...
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