Disney Land employment

Topics: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Magic Kingdom, Disney Cruise Line Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: October 30, 2013
 “Shinny Happy People Working at the Rat”
1. The main idea of this essay is to expose guidelines of Disney Magic Kingdom and their requirements for employment.

2. Disney Magic Kingdom is a magical, fun, and happy place for all those who cross their entrance. Where kids have a blast and adults can act like kids. That is the myth… That’s what they want you to think but not everyone who comes to Disney Magic Kingdom has the best experience and the time of their life like the employees. The employees who put on heavy costumes often pass out from heat, get hurt by the costumes themselves, and even vomit. In order to keep the “magical” vibe employees are not allowed to take off their costumes or show a person under the character till they are in a perfect place designated to take the costume off. Most people don’t want this myth exposed because they don’t want their magical place taken away from them especially the children because some still believe the characters are alive.
3. In paragraph 15 there’s an example of a woman who was portraying Minnie and was taken down by two men she ended up falling because she lost balance with the weight of the head. She was dragged and then helped to get up but was hurt by the guy who was helping her. She was hurt so badly she passed out and laid there for 15 minutes till the stretcher came and took her away and underground. She ended up with 2 rib contusions. I choose this example because this woman was so hurt she explained how she blacked out and just laid there but couldn’t take her costume head off because people were watching and the policy doesn’t let employees stop being their roles. For me this shows that the company cares more about their “magic” than their value for a life or human. What if a person was dying? No one would have known.

4. I think the author was not fair in presenting her argument because she was mostly showing examples of employees who had a harsh story or example. It was biased because...
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