Disney Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan: Disney Airlines
Current Disney
The Disney Corporation is well known for the theme parks and movies created for children and adults to enjoy around the world. The Disney characters are recognized by children everywhere. Disney has created an empire that prides itself on creating entertainment for families to enjoy together. The theme parks create an environment for children to use their imaginations and “believe in magic”. Disney also has a retail operation to sell products such as shirts, plush toys, games, and other trinkets related to these movies and parks.

Disney has built theme parks in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, and of course Lake Buena Vista, Florida and Anaheim, California. All of these parks have created special attractions to bring visitors. The children can enjoy rides, shows, and meeting all their favorite Disney characters. Each theme park is several parks combined and each visitor will need to purchase passes to each park for their visit. Many of these smaller parks have different themes such as Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Adventure Park. This is Disney’s way of creating something for everyone.

The movies the Disney has created over the years are classic tales of discovery and wonder that all children can enjoy. These movies give children a way of using their imagination and having fun. Children easily identify these characters and frequently use these characters in pretend play. When families bring their children to the theme parks they look forward to meeting those characters from the movies they have watched so many times.

Disney has a created an empire that reaches everyone from the young to old. This company has parks, movies and merchandise to appeal to this wide range of ages. There is truly something for everyone when visiting a park, movie, or retail shop. Disney Marketing

Disney is a very powerful conglomerate. “No other company has such a stockpile of well-known, cute, family-friendly, and highly marketable...

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