Disneyland Paris Marketing Analysis

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SWOT-Analysis of Disneyland® Paris

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Table of contents
Internal analysis3
The market3
Disneyland® Paris’ position and performance3
In comparison to other amusement parks3
Financial performance4
Disneyland® Paris’ marketing mix5
External Analysis7
Competitive Strategies9
Strategic advice and conclusion12
Reference List14

Following the success in America, Walt Disney decided to build a similar entertainment and vacation park in Europe. On April 12, 1992 the park was opened the first time as Euro Disney® Resort. Nowadays it is known as Disneyland® Paris, which is located close to Paris in France. It consists of two theme parks (Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studio Park), one entertainment district (Disney Village)1 and 14 hotels owned by Disneyland® Paris2 The opening of Disneyland® Paris was debated. People were afraid of being affected by the unhealthy life style and consumption of the Americans. A French journalist wrote, “I wish with all my heart the rebels would set fire to [Euro] Disneyland” and a French philosopher said, “It is not America that is invading us. It is we who adore it, who adopt its fashions and above all, its words.” All in all people were against the opening of Disneyland® Paris.3 How important is Disneyland® Paris at this moment? How is it using marketing? Who are the customers, Americans and/or Europeans? Is Disneyland® Paris a competitor in comparison to other amusement parks? Which challenges does it currently face? To find answers these questions, we will analyse Disneyland® Paris´ performance through a SWOT-Analysis, which gives us an idea of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As we come to a conclusion, we will also give an advice to Disneyland® Paris on what it can improve in order to perform better.

Internal analysis
The market
Disneyland® Paris is in a heterogeneous oligopoly. A heterogeneous oligopoly is a market in which there are a few sellers, and a lot of buyers. The sellers are in competition with each other and they are well informed about the actions of other sellers. Therefore, the decisions firms make, mostly are affected by decisions that their competitors make, and the other way around. Disneyland® Paris is an actor in the market of amusement parks. In almost every European country you can find an amusement park. However, not all of these parks are offering accommodations and dining services, which makes the trip more of an unique and exciting experience. This market is heterogeneous because, even though amusement parks seem the same, the feeling and experience in each one is completely different. Furthermore, only a few sellers can oversee decisions made by competitors. Next to that, there are many buyers. In 2013 14.9 million people visited Disneyland® Paris4. Disneyland® Paris’ position and performance

As mentioned before, Disneyland® Paris welcomed 14,9 million guests last year. This makes it the biggest tourist destination in Europe, especially compared to the Eiffel tower, which only attracts approximately 7 million visitors per year5. In comparison to other amusement parks

How many visitors did other amusement parks in Europe welcome in 20136? ‘De Efteling’ (Holland) – 4 million visitors per year
‘Movie Park Germany’ (Germany) – 1.3 million visitors per year ‘Europa Park’ (Germany) – 4.6 million visitors per year ‘Gardaland’ (Italy) – approximately 7 million visitors per year Set side by side to other amusement parks in Europe, Disneyland® Paris is doing really well on their...
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