Distraction Solutions

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 5 (1298 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Distraction Solutions-
Sometimes they are inescapable or unpreventable, however, some of them can be avoided, for example: mobile phones, people arriving late, changing the subject,the way we format an email, talking about a different topic, making the receiver feelcomfortable, changing a meeting place etc can all be solutions to distractions which mayhinder effective communication.  3. Cultural Barrier -

You will always find diverse culture barriers to effective communication inthis world. These communication barriers arise when people of different places or organizations as well as those from the same places or organizations belong to differentcultures, or religions. There are many other factors of cultural barriers like age, social position,mental difference or thinking behavior, economic status, political views, values and rules,ethics or standards, motives and priorities. The communication done without mixing anyculture will not miss its meaning, but once a culture is mixed with the communication, then itmay loose its exact meaning. Cultural Barrier Solutions -

Effective communication requires deciphering the basic values,motives, aspirations, and assumptions that operate across geographical lines. To overcome thebarriers associated with differing backgrounds, avoid projecting your own background or cultureonto others. Clarify your own and understand the background of others, spheres of knowledge,personalities and perceptions and don't assume that certain behaviors mean the same thing toeveryone. We live in a culturally diverse world. People will encounter individuals from differentraces,religions, and nationalities in their day to day encounters. There is often anxietysurrounding unfamiliar cultures.The desire tocommunicateis the first step in being effective. No matter what tools you gain incross cultural communication. The desire toconnectwith another human being is the bondthat will express itself clearly. A genuine effort to understand another person goes alongwayinthepathtocommunication.Knowing about other cultures will help you develop your skills. Be proactive whenapproachinga new culture. This is a learned skill which means it will require research, practice, and growth.

People from different backgrounds may have varied approaches to conflict management,learning styles, family structure, religion, and most other aspects of life. It is impossible to knowthe varied systemsof all cultures, so approach this process one culture at a time as you meetand deal with new people.When dealing with diverse people look for similarities. Our goals, dreams, and aspirations maybe more alike than our skin color

Parenting approaches may differ, but the common bond of amother and a child crosses many barriers. Most people have basic needs in common, likeMaslow¶s hierarchy of needs that suggest all people have physiological, safety, acceptance,self-esteem, and self-actualization needs. Considering these things it is easy to see our essential common ground. And this is where we can begin our comprehension of others.

Put your new information about other people into action. Make a personal inventory of your ownbiases. Where has your ignorance held you back from appreciating other people? What haveyou learned that makes this old paradigm obsolete? Help to educate people in your family andgroup of friends about your new leanings. Be careful.

People become attached to their ignorance, and have difficulty accepting new ideas. It may have taken you a while to gain theknowledge necessary to deal with people. Encourage others to be open, but know that information is integrated when a person is ready to accept it. Form alliances with people fromdifferent cultures to know what challenges they have dealing with your  culture.  

Stereo Typing -
Stereo typing derives from one's perception; every individual has a differentperception or views of the world, situations and people around them. It can be said...
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