Divorce Within Christian Marriage

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Divorce within Christian Marriage
Most of us have grown accustomed to the normality and legal ease of divorce. We are no longer shocked when people divorce, and we even have many support systems to help people recover from it. Even though I realize there are victims of divorce who didn’t want it and need love and care to help them heal, there is also in very divorce at least one person who is sinning against God by violating a holy union. These people don’t need divorce recovery. They need divorce repentance. They have selfishly separated a sacred covenant. They have denied a fellow human being the same blessings of forgiveness, love and loyalty that have been freely and faithfully granted to them by God.

Surprisingly, recent Christian divorce rate statistics indicate the number of believers ending marriages is keeping pace and in some cases surpassing those of the secular world. In some Protestant denominations, nearly 58 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce, with rates of 38 percent to 33 percent in others. The denomination with the least amount of martial dissolutions has been Catholics with a rate of 28 percent. The lower number might be reflective of the fact that for decades, divorced Catholics were excommunicated from the Church and prohibited from taking the sacraments. For a devout Catholic, excommunication from partaking of the symbolic blood and body of Jesus Christ at communion would be almost unbearable. For Protestant denominations, an increase in Christian divorce rate statistics would indicate the believer’s confession of Jesus Christ as Lord is insufficient to keep them from engaging in the practice of “putting away,” or divorcing husbands and wives. This...
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