Do We Have a Choice Where We Live?

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Do we have a choice where we live?


Where did all the displaced Jews settle after the Holocaust?

Explain what persecution and prejudice are:

Persecution is to ill-treat someone just because of their race, religion, political beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

Prejudice is a judgement made of a person before you actually know them. The judgement is usually one of negativity and based on stereotypes.

Relate this to why and how this resulted in Jews having to leave their homes:

Persecution and prejudice are related to why Jews had to leave their homes as it was actually persecution and prejudice which resulted in them having to leave their homes. When Hitler came to power, he promoted anti-Semitism, and made the stab-in-the-back legend part of the Nazi’s official history of the 1920s. This caused persecution and prejudice against the Jews.

What was the Holocaust?

Explain what the Holocaust was and why we should learn from this event in history:

The Holocaust was the genocide of about 6 million European Jews during World War Two by the order of Adolf Hitler. We should learn from the Holocaust as to have this never have this happen again, for it was a horrific thing.

Explain why Jews prefer to refer to this event as The Shoah:

There are many definitions of holocaust English, but the main definition is: a sacrifice consumed by fire. So perverse this was that it was offensive to any Jew who had survived the Shoah. This is the reason why they prefer to call the Holocaust the Shoah, as it means a catastrophe, of which it was.

Who are God's chosen people?

Explain about God leading Abraham to Canaan and why Jews believe that they are God's 'chosen' people:

Abraham used to have the name of Abram and originally lived in Haran. He was told by God to leave Haran and after that would guide him to where he needed to be. God told him,”I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and I will make your name great. All people on Earth will be blessed through you.” God often spoke to Abraham, giving him directions on what to do next, which Abraham always followed. Following these directions, Abraham managed to get to Canaan. Abraham had also taken his nephew Lot with him, as his father had died so he took him under his wing. Then, God told Abraham,”I will give this land to your children.” When Abraham had arrived in Canaan, he realised that he was surrounded by war-like tribes, however Abraham stayed loyal and built an altar in the land of Canaan which enabled him to make offerings to God. Jews believe that they are God's chosen people because, according to the Jewish belief, they are chosen to make the idea of one God known to the world. This all began with Abraham.

Relate this belief as why Jews may have been historically persecuted by the Egyptians, Romans and Crusaders amongst others.

Jews may have been historically persecuted by the Egyptians, Romans and Crusaders because this idea of chosenness can be interpreted as a belief that Jews are superior to others, and the Egyptians, Romans and Crusaders may have taken it this way and immediately disliked the idea of it and persecuted the Jews.


Why were Africans taken to America and how were they treated?

Assume that you were a slave during this period of time; define what it means to be a slave. You also need to identify and explain the living and working conditions that you experienced:

A slave is a black African person that had been forcibly removed from their country to America to work in plantations who had been bought for slave labour. In a plantation, you are allocated an area there which is your living quarters. On some plantations the slave owners provide the slave with housing, and some require the slave to build their own. Those who had to build their own always built it the way they were in Africa. These living conditions were often cramped as there were often as many as 10...
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